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Villa Lysis

Villa Lysis

“Di Salvo Immobiliare Agency” belonging to Ciro Girolamo Di Salvo has worked in this field for 27 years. It was the first agency on the island of Capri, at the time located in “Via Roma”. The agency boasts many sales of important properties such as Villa Lysis belonging to Count Fershen. It was sold to the famous Monegasque financier F.M., to a well-known Italian lawyer M. M., to the entrepreneur A.C. inventor of the washing machine and, finally, to the Municipality of Capri. “Di Salvo Immobiliare Agency” has completed sales for over 270 properties including villas, flats and commercial properties, as well as their rents for over 1200€. “Di Salvo Immobiliare Agency” also deals with the renting of the acquired Villa in order to benefit from the investment. In fact, the company will personally rent the property purchased. Over the years Ciro Girolamo Di Salvo has been interviewed many times by important newspapers such as: “Il Sole 24 Ore”, “Repubblica” and “Roma”. The agency is located in the “Piazzetta”, in the famous and historic Cerio palace. The structure is the perfect place to accommodate clients, who can enjoy their carefree days in the island’s abodes. The island which inspired the Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda.


“…Charm, dream, enchantment and wonder among the ruins drenched with the sunlight, the alleys of the centre, the myth of the Sirens, the sea that brushes the coast and the villas of the carefree days”


For Di Salvo Real Estate, the customer is the center of everything. The satisfaction of the latter is happiness for Ciro Di Salvo.

Messa a reddito

Di Salvo real estate, deals with the buy real property to rent it out.

Vendite di ville famose

Ciro Di Salvo, in his years of experience, has sold several times known VIP homes.



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